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Ross with Sunflowers

Proton Beam Therapy

Proton Therapy offers treatment with fewer side effects. Put simply, the way the radiation scatters when the beam is directed is much more controllable and localised with protons, compared to traditional ‘photon’ radiation. There is a direct relationship between the volume radiated and the likelyhood of a second cancer occurring. Proton therapy reduces the volume radiated significantly.

The only downside was the small matter of Proton Therapy not being available in the UK. *We are currently waiting on the NHS to decide if they will send Ross for Proton Beam Therapy. Whilst the cost of the treatment would be covered by the NHS other costs for us to live out there and all other expenses will have to be covered ourselves. If the NHS do not send Ross for treatment then we need to raise enough money to cover all the costs ourselves, the cost alone for the Proton Beam Thereapy and the anaesthesia will be in the region of $200,000. The trip is likely to last about 8 weeks. Ross will also require extra support for the rest of his life. Be it an increase in premiums on any insurance for him, through to help and support on his learning and self-esteem following the cosmetic impact. He is such a hero, but without help it is going to be even more difficult for him and for us as a family. The psychological, physical, and financial toll of this whole situation is really harsh. We couldn't manage all alone.
And so, the need for the Give Ross a Future Trust to be established.

*The NHS has since granted us funding to have the treatment carried out in the USA.
This is great news as it means that we now only have to raise enough funds for travelling, accommodation and any long term aftercare.
We are still waiting for dates. Watch this space!

**UPDATE! Ross has since had his full treatment and is back home to recover.
We will try to keep you updated as regularly as we can.

***UPDATE! Ross's last scan in June was clear and he is now in remission. He is still being carefully monitored as this type of cancer has a high recurrence rate and his eye still has swelling round the lids and only a few small eyelashes to date.
Ross is full of life and loves to play outside with his big sister, this past year has been a nightmare for us all but he has come out the other end fighting and smiling.