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Ross with Sunflowers

How it began

Early June we had noticed that Ross's eye looked puffy. We took him to our GP who said it was probabaly a blocked duct and would refer Ross to the eye pavillion for clarification.

5 weeks later Ross's eye started to get bigger so I called our GP surgery to confirm that Ross had been referred to the Eye pavillion, which they confirmed.
I then called the eye pavillion to be told that the waiting list was 18 weeks.
Feeling that this was unacceptable I returned to our GP surgery. The Dr said that there was not much more he could do, so I decided to use my private medical insurance.
The Dr referred us to the private hospital so I called to make an appointment. When I phoned I was told that there was only 1 eye specialist that would see children and he was on holiday and the first available appointment would be the 12 Aug! I took it as it was still quicker than the 18 weeks with the NHS.

The following week Ross's eye grew rapidly so I took him back to the same GP I'd seen the week before and managed to persuade him to refer Ross as an emergency to the eye pavillion. We got an appointment for that afternoon.

Once the eye specialist looked at Ross I started to feel really worried. He consulted with the senior Dr who sent us straight away for an ultrasound and booked us in for a biopsy on the Monday (this was a Friday). Once the biopsy was performed we were told that Ross had cancer - that is one of the worst moments of our life.
The days that followed were just a blur of hospital appointments and proceedures for Ross. The staff in ward 2 at Edinburgh Sick kids hospital were just fantastic and helped us through everything that happened in the first few weeks. It was so much information to take in, so many things to learn. In hindsight, I wish I had just taken Ross up to A&E. I will never trust anyone again with my children's health and will always question and ask for second opinions no matter who I upset in doing so.