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Welcome to the official website of Ross Anderton.

Ross AndertonThis web site was set up to help us raise funds for our son Ross Anderton. Ross was diagnosed with Orbital Rhabdomyosarcoma in Aug 2009. He is currently attending ward 2 at the Edinburgh Sick kids hospital where he is receiving chemotherapy treatment . The chemo has worked and shrunk the tumour, however it has not worked well enough to clear it. This means that Ross now needs further treatment. Radiotherapy is the only option available in the UK, however the side effects of conventional radiotherapy for someone of Ross's age is horrific. This led us to research other alternatives and we discovered Proton Beam Therapy, this offers treatment with fewer side effects. Put simply, the way the radiation scatters when the beam is directed is much more controllable and localised with protons, compared to traditional ‘photon’ radiation. Proton therapy reduces the volume radiated significantly, thus reducing the side effects. 

Proton Beam Therapy is not yet available in this country, therefore we are raising money to ensure Ross can get the treatment he requires to help him live the life that we took for granted he would live, before this terrible disease took over our families lives.

The NHS granted us funding to have the treatment carried out in the USA.
Please visit our 'Proton Beam Diary' to see how our trip went.

UPDATE! Ross's last scan in June was clear and he is now in remission. He is still being carefully monitored as this type of cancer has a high recurrence rate and his eye still has swelling round the lids and only a few small eyelashes to date.

Ross is full of life and loves to play outside with his big sister, this past year has been a nightmare for us all but he has come out the other end fighting and smiling.

Read an article about Ross in from June 20th 2010 HERE

I would like to thank all the staff who work in the oncology ward, ward 2, at the sick kids. They are all amazing, do a fantastic job and we are so very grateful for everything they do for Ross.

Ross Anderton on STV News
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